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One-of-a-kind repurposed furniture

Where it all began…

I’ve always loved old furniture for the charms, the structure and the story it tells as it sits in a room. How well its made from start to finish and each piece of the puzzle having its place to make it a beautiful item which can be used for storing or sitting.

When I was growing up we didn’t have much money so when I moved into my own apartment I, like most, had used furniture to fill it up. I liked the furniture but thought it looked a bit dull and worn. So I started painting some of the furniture, recovering chairs, and refinishing some pieces that just needed a little TLC.

Over the years I found myself doing this as a hobby for other pieces in my house and for others who wanted to spruce up something they loved but didn’t like the look. Today I find myself going to estate sales and tag sales, and have people reaching out to me to help them make their piece of furniture look like new, but with that old world charm. I say all of this because I offer some of the furniture that I lovingly rebuilt in my store. I wanted to share some of the old pieces that are new again at the store for my customers to shop!

My goal is to have someone enjoy these creations in their home as much as I enjoyed bringing it back to life!

Custom upholstered arm chair

My Process

The chairs I choose to re-purpose need to be sturdy with good springs. I start by removing all the old material and replacing it with new foam and fill. Then I pick a material for the upholstery that makes the chair special; a piece to chat about! All of my furniture creations are one of a kind. My goal is to create comfortable seating that embraces the imperfections in each repurposed piece.

The tables, cabinets, armoires, and other pieces I find must be sturdy and easy to repair to keep the old world look while allowing me to create something shabby chic and fun.

Custom upholstered arm chair
Custom upholstered arm chair
Custom upholstered arm chair
custom painted dining table
custom end table
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