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We carry several exciting and beautiful jewelry lines at The Eclectic Peacock to compliment any style or taste! View some the brands we carry, below, and stop into the store to view our latest inventory!



TOVA creates fun, distinctive and jaw-dropping jewelry accentuated with bright colors and textured materials that are sure to make a statement and get tons of compliments! We pride ourselves on hand crafting quality products locally.

Our Story

Thank you for visiting Girl With A Pearl®…created by women, for women.

As an International Flight Attendant, I travel the world searching for unique treasures to share with my friends. While traveling in Asia, I discovered the most beautiful freshwater cultured pearls. I brought them home and began designing necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. Today, Girl with a Pearl has grown to include a dozen women making distinctive pearl jewelry. We select each pearl by hand to craft our original designs. Our collections have been designed to compliment your unique style and taste. They are handmade and shipped to our customers from our studio in Nashville, Tennessee since 2008.

We specialize in Traditional, On-Trend, Bohemian and High Design handmade collections. Each season offers new designs with the continued promise of customer satisfaction.

Whether you are a wholesale buyer wanting to offer your customers quality pearls at a fabulous price point, a pearl lover looking for new and exciting designs to add to your collection, or a shopper looking for the perfect one-of-a-kind gift, we are confident you will find just what you want at Girl With A Pearl®.

Thank you for stopping by. Please contact us with any questions or requests.


trovelore pins



The Origin

Trollbinde (pronounced ‘trahl-BINDA) means “to spellbind” in Norwegian and Swedish. Our jewelry focuses on what it means to be feminine with a purity of intention and design. Owner and artist, Hannah Black, sees the world through an ethereal and multi-cultural lens that inspires her rite-of-passage creations for daily wear and special occasions. Her works are intended to be the transformative piece of any ensemble

French Kande

How it Started

Back in 2009, as I was wandering the backstreets of Paris – my favorite city in the world­­ – I happened upon these crusty, little medallions. So stylish and captivating, they were unlike anything I had ever seen. I purchased a handful for what I hoped would make nice gifts for friends and family back home. Little did I know, that day would change my life.

How It Started

First, let me say: I love pearls. Whether I’m out on the town, or working in my studio, nothing makes me feel more feminine.


So after a few months of my return to the states, when I clasped an old medallion onto an opera length strand of pearls – something clicked…and that was the day French Kande was born.


Once upon a time there was an idea, born from two cousins ​​in the early nineties, today it is called Due Zeta and is a company that designs and manufactures particular objects and accessories for the decoration and beautification of the house, as well as for the person, creating high-level costume jewelery that present a modern reinterpretation of the style Venetian.

Our creations include vases, centerpieces, glasses, necklaces, bracelets, rings and many other objects.

In recent years, Due Zeta has staked everything on its creative strength, inventing its own style in a constantly changing market with growing competitiveness, creating elegant, refined and at the same time accessible objects;
our company is attentive to every need, also gives you the possibility to customize by making ad hoc changes to each jewel to make it stylish and unique, perfectly in line with your taste and your person.

Due Zeta is ready to catch market innovations and fashion trends, but always loyal to the tradition of Muranese art.
Today, like yesterday, all our products are strictly Made in Italy.

The operational headquarters of the company is in Marcon Venice while our stores are located in the historic center of Venice.

Due Zeta also offers you the opportunity to purchase through our website, allowing you to buy online in the special section dedicated to shopping, every accessory to embellish your home with elegance and style, or choose from our Murano glass bijoux, made for women who want to like themselves and who they look for details that distinguish them.

Faire Trade jewelry

ANJU jewelry is 100% sustainable jewelry brand committed to creating hope for artisans and their families through economic empowerment. all of our pieces are hand-crafted in India using traditional techniques. we have been working with the same artisans group for over 13 years.

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