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(860) 965-7911 492 Enfield St (Rt5), Enfield, CT 06082

Meet the Artist

Pix Perfect

Jay and Lisa are a creative couple. They have a passion for business and artistic expression and are the creators of Pix Perfect! Lisa and Jay believe in having a good time while doing what you love is very important, and they love what they do. They also believe that everyone has an inner artist that needs to be unleashed!

The idea for Pix Perfect began back in 2013 when Jay and Lisa were looking for a statement piece for their living room. They had 10 feet of space to fill. They wanted something that would match their existing decor and their design personality. The couple came across a photo of Marilyn Monroe, and it became their muse. Now, they just needed to find a creative way to recreate the image in an easy, affordable, fun way!

In 2014 they hired a product design firm to bring their vision to life. It took 18 months to fine-tune the product design. They wanted to generate only the highest quality product. While Pix Perfect was being perfected, Lisa and Jay also developed a software that is capable of pixelating any image, using their unique color-mapping technology. The result of all this hard work is Pix Perfect – a completely custom art experience for ages 8 to 80!

Superman Artwork by Pix Perfect
Joker Artwork by Pix Perfect
Wonder Woman Artwork by Pix Perfect
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