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The Eclectic Peacock boutique carries designer clothing options for any occasion. The boutique stocks men and women’s clothing styles perfect for a casual daytime event, or a fun night out with your friends or significant other! Out styles include jeans, t-shirts, tops, and dresses. We carry the latest looks from designers like MAVI Jeans, Silver Jean Co, Robert Graham, Johnny Was, Lucky, Chaser, and more.

Visit the store to see our most recent inventory – styles are always changing!

Johnny Was

A Bob Marley classic was on repeat as ‘Johnny was a good man…’ rang throughout the Southern California home of the creators of this trailblazing clothing line. In 1997 Johnny Was clothing was born, and just like the song the brand would become timeless and defy trends. Johnny Was clothing has a bohemian spirit and draws inspiration from all that is genuine, beautiful, and special.

The Johnny Was signature is their intricate embroidery and luxurious fabric choices. The allure of these dreamy clothes speaks for itself. It’s the small details in life that make it so unique, and the same is true for Johnny Was Clothing. Close inspection of these beautiful garments highlights the true craftsmanship behind each look.

Chaser Brand

Chaser Brand is a contemporary clothing line built on rock and roll. The brand dedicates themselves to the evolution of style and fashion, and are inspired to keep pushing the envelope and pushing forward. The line takes inspiration from icons of past generations and puts a modern, uniquely Chaser spin on each garment. Chaser Brand is all about the details. Construction, fit, and luxe fabrics that feel amazing all reign supreme.

Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, Chaser has a garment for you. They are the authority on cool. The line is always experimenting with new dyes and yarns to create walking works of art that are easily identifiable as a Chaser creation.


XCVI is the creation of Gita Zeltzer and Israeli born theater actress and director. She believes that “playfulness cultivates joy, diversity fosters creativity, and that art should be integrated into every human experience”. She noticed that casual-wear clothing lines were lacking these elements, and most of the time, wear casual-wear meant looking sloppy. It was 1996 (XCVI in roman numerals) that she launched her first collection which showcased the intersection of lightheartedness and refined elegance that was missing in the casual-wear market.

Over the last 20 years, Gita has remained true to her vision and has created beautiful works with her customers in mind. Today, Gita’s daughter runs the business, always keeping in mind that fashion is meant to enrich the lives of those that wear the clothing, and should bring them joy. XCVI believes “art is life, fashion is human. And XCVI is fashion you can live in.”

The NuVintage

The Nu Vintage clothing line was created in 2001 by Jacques Artine Kevorkian. He dreamed of creating innovative clothing, with a vintage feel, which fit immaculately and looked terrific on every customer. Jacques has applied his business school education with his retail and wholesale experience to expand the line internationally. His first Nu Vintage line including many pieces with a euro-fashion feel, and included pieces for men and woman. In 2009, the Nu Vintage launched a line with an emphasis on vintage, hand-crafted looks.

Jacques’ clothing is sold internationally in department stores and specialty clothing stores. The Nu Vintage’s designs are ever-evolving and are inspired by a world full of changing colors and textures. They continue to create clothing with unparalleled quality and creativity in each look.

ReLove Collective

ReLove is all about reclaiming nostalgia and rescuing your favorite styles from the grips of time, repurposing those looks, and revamping them to create new pieces that you can love over again. ReLove was founded in 2013 by Lisa Lavalle in her home studio. The company has since blossomed into a brand that embodies an image of free-spiritedness and independence. Lisa always felt like something was missing from her wardrobe and decided to create looks that fulfilled her need for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Lisa began her line by creating headbands and keepsakes, which later evolved into home goods, pillows, placemats, and more. She eventually took the plunge into fashion and creating unique vintage inspired clothing. When Lisa was in the process of creating ReLove, she discovered that a large percentage of unwanted clothing ends up in landfills every day. Most of these items don’t decompose and emit CO2 into the atmosphere. In addition to creating beautiful vintage pieces, ReLove is committed to reducing waste and keeping unwanted clothing items from ending up in landfills.

Silver Jean Co

The Silver Jean Co, established in 1991, is a multi-generational endeavor with a rich family history. The company is a brand of Western Glove Works, which was established in 1921 by the Silver family. They are second oldest, privately held denim company in North America. Creating a product focused on fit has lead to Silver Jean Co’s success. Their first pair of jeans were a unisex jean, launched in 1991. Their very first product went on to sell 2 million units, and this was just the beginning.

The Silver Jean Co collection has expanded since the early days. The line now includes styles for men and women in every shape and size – curvy, tall, short, slim, muscular, and everything in between. The Silver design team is made up of real people, that live in their Silver Jeans everyday.

Their background in workwear means that quality and craft is in their genes. Silver jean’s are built to last and are crafted with integrity, authenticity, and sustainability. Where other denim falls short and ends up in a landfill, Silver jean’s will stay in your drawer or closet for years to come.

Robert Graham

Robert Graham has been a design house since 2001. They focus on developing unique garment making techniques and intricate patterns. Robert Graham likes to intertwine luxury, style, and craftsmanship to create unique designs. The line encompasses men’s sportswear, premium denim, footwear, outerwear, loungewear, accessories, and women’s sportswear.

The Robert Graham trademark style features eye-catching mixed fabrics, one-of-a-kind trimming, striking embroidery, and plenty of bright colors. Each product or garment has a character that is uniquely Robert Graham.

Lucky Brand

Lucky began crafting great-fitting, vintage-inspired denim in 1990. They created the ‘lucky look’ by literally ripping and shredding the denim. This creates a distressed look that is oozing character and soul. Throw in some authentic hardware and playful details, and the American legend that is Lucky Brand was born.

The Lucky style was inspired by the laid-back, Southern California lifestyle from which the company originated. They took inspiration from the secluded outlooks of Big Sur, to the vintage tattoo shops in Venice, and the pristine beaches of Malibu. They also mix in references to rock and roll, art, and photography – both old and new. This line was created for free-thinkers, artists, and dreamers. The pieces created by Lucky are clothes that you’ll want to wear over and over again. These clothes were made to dance, work, run, jump, play, and rock n’ roll.

MAVI Jeans

MAVI Jeans is an international apparel brand. The brand has become known for their superior quality, fabric innovations, and emphasis on getting the perfect fit. The company was incorporated in 1991. Since then, it has become a leading lifestyle brand.

Mavi Jeans can be found in 34 countries in over 392 stores, as well as luxury department stores and online partner stores. They sold over 7.5 million pieces in denim in 2016 alone!

This brand has a strong reputation in the denim market as an industry leader. They are constantly innovating their product. MAVI partners with the top fabric houses to create a superior quality product.

New Prospect

New Prospect is an American-Made line of sweaters and other clothing items. We are proud to carry this new line in the store! Stop in today to shop our latest inventory from New Prospect!

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