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The Eclectic Peacock boutique carries designer clothing options for any occasion. The boutique stocks men and women’s clothing styles perfect for a casual daytime event, or a fun night out with your friends or significant other! Out styles include jeans, t-shirts, tops, and dresses. We carry the latest looks from designers like Mavi jeans, Mac jeans, Fidelity jeans, POL, Vilagallo, Pretty Rugged coats, Pete,  Robert Graham, XCVI, Aratta, Vintage Havana, Juicy Couture, Corkey Shoes/boots and more.

Visit the store to see our most recent inventory – styles are always changing!

Juicy Couture

The status symbol of the noughties is back. As the brand launches its 25th anniversary collection with the re-issue of their original velour tracksuit, Tatler revisits a feature from last year – when Chandler Tregaskes talked to the new Head of Design about bringing back the iconic piece

Originally founded in 1997 by friends Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, the gem encrusted velour Juicy Couture tracksuit became the fashion phenomenon no one expected in the early oughts.

2001 marked an important year for the design duo. Looking for wider brand recognition, they sent custom tracksuits to the celebrities they thought represented their DNA best, one of them being Madonna. A few weeks later, spotted in a green two piece with a crystal ‘Madge’ on the rear, the Queen of Pop was papped in the soon-to-be legendary design.

Aratta Clothing Line

Funatic socks

Funatic makes hilarious funny, edgy, pop-culture inspired socks that appeal to men and women from 10 – 100. They’ll all make you feel good, so spice up your feet with Funatic!

Way back in 2016, when masks were for Halloween, social distancing was what you did when you wanted to stay home on a Friday night and watch Netflix, and Lions (not Tigers) were King, Mike created Funatic. Barely a year later, Mike called his lifelong friend Tanya and asked her to come aboard as Creative Director. (Here’s a picture of them from high school.)

Now, these old friends spend their days designing funny, pop-culture inspired socks and masks, backed by an amazing team making sure Funatic finds its way to independent stores across the USA, Canada and Europe.



Gigi Moda and our Italian made clothing for women where our goal is to provide the highest quality and largest selection of quality fashion for women. Based in California we offer the perfect marriage between coastal lifestyle and effortless chic. Our purpose is to provide women of all ages with comfortable, ready to wear clothes with a fashionable Italian flair. Our clothing is made using the highest standards in textile sustainability and best manufacturing practices in Italy.

Gigi Moda clothing is designed in California by well-known Belgian designers Francine Wathelet and Laurent Hebbelinck. Gigi Moda was born in 2015 and today is a recognized brand and a leader in the fashion industry. Our Italian fashions can be found in over a thousand boutiques across the United States.

We believe color, quality and the softest fabrics keep anyone in great spirits. Our silks, linens and other natural fabrics, provide durability and quality. All our clothing is hand-dyed with natural colors and pigments. We keep our production volume small in order to ensure the best possible quality and treatment of our delicate fabrics.

As each item is handmade and hand-dyed, colors may vary from shipment to shipment; each batch is truly one-of-a-kind.

GiGi Sox

GiGi Sox was created by a Veteran wife, who wanted to create a brand to show her love for our country, to say thank you to her husband for serving and to combine her love of fashion, self-expression and patriotism into one solid brand with the intention to offer high end luxury socks, to bring jobs back to the USA and to be able to donate to Veterans in need.

All of GiGi sox are made in the USA with the highest quality yarn that is made in North Carolina. Supporting GiGi sox, supports American jobs and our Veterans.


Latitude purses

Latitude purses wants to value and encourage these crafts in a way that honors the artisan and promotes ethical business practices which will lay a foundation for future generations to operate within a growing and changing global marketplace.

Latitudes provides a genuine business outlet to artisans in isolated areas around the world. We desire to have a positive impact in their families and community through micro-business enterprises. We create and encourage an environment of support for the artisans who work in these businesses by giving them a market to sell their hand-made products. In addition to buying products we offer training in business management, help develop new products, and provide basic education for our workers and their family where we can.

Through Latitudes, a tangible expression of love is powerfully worked out in their midst. We are helping numerous groups around the world by providing a place to distribute and market their handcrafted products. This helps to provide much needed income to the artisans and thus helps provide stability and opportunity to the community. These truly are products with a purpose!

Presently there are multiple businesses in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East producing products for our store. You can find the country of origin under each product description. In addition to the web store we run a retail store in Orlando, Florida, have two regional offices in the US, and distribute products across North America. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and new product ideas, so check in regularly to see what we have to offer.


Mauritius in Lingen Germany was founded by Juergen Raberg 45 years ago. As a leather maker himself, he understood the intricacies of working with lambskin pelts. He understood the finishing, the polishing, the cutting, the workmanship that makes a great leather piece. Over 45 years much has changed. The company has grown to become the top leather company in Europe, they produce many brands including Pur Mauritius, Mauritius, Gipsy, Gipsy 2.0, Deercraft, Chevirex as well as being the supplier for many companies who need a few pieces of leather in their line and need the expertise of a true leather company to support them. The company is now owned by Juergen’s son and daughter, Christian and Katrin, both who have lived leather all their lives and bring a modern mentality to the solid European business. They are now looking to grow globally and becoming the largest leather company in the world. They continue to produce amazing products, managed by a creative and expert design team. Men’s and women’s jackets are made to today’s fashion standards with yesterday’s commitment to quality.

MAVI Jeans

MAVI Jeans is an international apparel brand. The brand has become known for their superior quality, fabric innovations, and emphasis on getting the perfect fit. The company was incorporated in 1991. Since then, it has become a leading lifestyle brand.

Mavi Jeans can be found in 34 countries in over 392 stores, as well as luxury department stores and online partner stores. They sold over 7.5 million pieces in denim in 2016 alone!

This brand has a strong reputation in the denim market as an industry leader. They are constantly innovating their product. MAVI partners with the top fabric houses to create a superior quality product.


POL Clothing is a wholesale supplier to boutiques all over the world. POL focuses on coming together between the crossroads of fashion and business in creating styles through inspiration to the world around us.

Robert Graham

Robert Graham has been a design house since 2001. They focus on developing unique garment making techniques and intricate patterns. Robert Graham likes to intertwine luxury, style, and craftsmanship to create unique designs. The line encompasses men’s sportswear, premium denim, footwear, outerwear, loungewear, accessories, and women’s sportswear.

The Robert Graham trademark style features eye-catching mixed fabrics, one-of-a-kind trimming, striking embroidery, and plenty of bright colors. Each product or garment has a character that is uniquely Robert Graham.


SoJara takes vintage clothing, reworks it to create original one of a kind pieces with a rock & roll vibe. SoJara brings new life to old denim jackets, retired army jackets and tattered T-shirts. Jara Eisen, the designer behind the brand, can relate to the feeling of a renewed life after her battle with Breast Cancer.

Jara drew inspiration for SoJara from the personal desire to spread good vibes through inspirational messages and love for Rock & Roll. She and her daughters Dylan & Charli have been working with various organizations such as Fight Like A Girl and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer to help other families who are going through the same struggle and to help find a cure. The idea behind SoJara came while Jara was unpacking moving boxes after her move from New York and unearthed an old T-shirt from a Breast Cancer Walk she had done with her girls, she didn’t have the heart to throw the old tee away. So, Jara came up with the idea of turning the Tee into a patch and then put that patch on a flannel shirt. The concept of SoJara is an inspirational outlet for Jara to share her warrior voice, her message of positivity and passion for Rock & Roll, thus the name SoJara.

Fight Like A Girl mission is to not only help women battling cancer and other life-limiting diseases through outreach, encouragement, and awareness but to also empower women to stand up for themselves and Fight Like a Girl in all areas of their lives.


XCVI is the creation of Gita Zeltzer and Israeli born theater actress and director. She believes that “playfulness cultivates joy, diversity fosters creativity, and that art should be integrated into every human experience”. She noticed that casual-wear clothing lines were lacking these elements, and most of the time, wear casual-wear meant looking sloppy. It was 1996 (XCVI in roman numerals) that she launched her first collection which showcased the intersection of lightheartedness and refined elegance that was missing in the casual-wear market.

Over the last 20 years, Gita has remained true to her vision and has created beautiful works with her customers in mind. Today, Gita’s daughter runs the business, always keeping in mind that fashion is meant to enrich the lives of those that wear the clothing, and should bring them joy. XCVI believes “art is life, fashion is human. And XCVI is fashion you can live in.”

Vintage Havana

The Vintage Havana brand was born in 1954. Vintage Havana came to life when it brought together a culture made of a variety of designers, merchandisers, artists and manufacturers from all over the world. The brand is a marriage of music, art, architecture, history, travel and fashion made for a feminine spirit intertwined with courageous individuality.

Vintage Havana is a women’s streetwear company focusing on trends of the past, present and future. Products range from novelty knit tops and sweaters to graphic tees, denims and printed dresses — and all offer a versatile assortment of fabrics and patterns. Vintage Havana’s beautiful garments are premium quality and will turn heads no matter the place or time. The future of the brand is forever expanding and the vision is forever young. Find Vintage Havana at the Eclectic Peacock!

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