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(860) 965-7911 492 Enfield St (Rt5), Enfield, CT 06082

Meet the Artist

Madison Latimer

Madison Latimer produces beautiful, expressive paintings that are a celebration of life and the human spirit. Her art began after the tragic death of three family members in a ten-wheeler accident in 1995. Creating art that connected her with the energy that provides life to every one of us was part of the healing process.

Madison knew she needed to create something that shared the importance of the energy in our lives. She didn’t have a format to express herself, until one day when she saw a little chicken in the barnyard. Madison knew then that this little chicken expressed “Being; just happy”. She realized that the chicken was a continuation of the life force present in all of us.

Artwork by Madison Latimer
Artwork by Madison Latimer
Artwork by Madison Latimer
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