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How to Spring-Clean Your Cluttered Closet

Spring is here and it’s time to get that closet in order! A clean closet means more room for new Spring wardrobe pieces. Follow these closet cleaning tips to keep your wardrobe organized.

1. Take inventory

Start by removing everything from your closet. By everything, we mean everything including clothes, hangers, shoes and accessories.

2. Grab some bags

Make sure you have plenty of trash bags available, as well as a marker and some tape to label your bags. You’ll want to create separate bags for donations, trash, and on-trend items you can sell to a consignment store.

3. Set rules for what goes back in

In order to declutter you are going to have to make some decisions on what you get to keep, and what needs to go. Hang on to items that you love, wear often, and can’t live without. Easy to toss items include those with tears, missing buttons, stains, or items that no longer fit. If you are struggling to decide on a few items, ask yourself if you feel happy when wear this item, if it flatters your body. If the answer is no, then get rid of it. Less clutter in your closet means more room for new items that you love!

4. Finish up

Once you have declutter and created your donation bags, it’s time to put everything back together. Do this right away so you don’t potentially make a bigger mess. Hang or fold all of your clothing and place back in the closet. Organize shoes and accessories so they are easy to find and access. Remove any throw-away bags, and immediately take charity and consignment items to their respective drop-off locations.

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